Bite story preview images of Images in slides
Images in slides

Using images in presentation slides is one way to engage your audience and make your presentation exciting. However, a badly selected or sloppy image often has negative effects on the presentation. Selecting the right image and placing it correctly is important to ensure that what you are showing is ...

Bite story preview images of Spinning I.D.E.A.S.
Spinning I.D.E.A.S.

As you take your ride for a spin, cruising at 80km/h along the Express Way... What did you see? Trees, buildings, a great scenery, or messages on billboards? What can you remember? Very often we only remember the great scenery because we feel good about the experience. Sometimes we remember an inter ...

Bite story preview images of Pie as you like
Pie as you like

How can you move away from the boring pie chart for your presentation slides? If we use the charting feature of the presentation software, we will have limited control over how the chart appears on the slide. To gain full control, we manually create the pie chart the way we like it. Different treatm ...

Bite story preview images of Whitespace improves readability
Whitespace improves readability

Whitespace is a fundamental building block of good design. In visual design, whitespace is used to bring clarity and focus to key information. When used correctly, it can create high visual impact of key messages. In this story, we will briefly talk about whitespace in relation to presentation slide ...

Bite story preview images of Take a bite at simple
Take a bite at simple

Think of an apple. It is simple. A beginning of all ideas that eventually become insanely great ideas. This is also where everything begins in visual communication, such as our presentation. An apple, is deliciously simple and real. Something that everyone can understand and relate to. And so should ...

Bite story preview images of Battery Life 30 secs
Battery Life 30 secs

Have you always wanted to add an indicator, like those that you see in your mobile devices, to your presentation visuals? Battery Life simulation can be a really cool item to add to your presentations slides, especially in situations where the presentation slides are used for training or facilitatin ...

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