Sticky Presentations Books

Unique approach and design ideas for exciting business presentations

Sticky Presentations books bring you the unique S.P.Y. approach to visual communication starting with a simple idea. These are very visual books, easy to read and filled with new ideas that will inspire the way you design your next presentation. All visuals in these books are printed in full colours bringing the examples to life. Your presentations will never be the same again.

S.P.Y. approach

Simple ideas that create lasting impressions. These books will inspire you to think differently when you develop your next presentation. They encourage you to remove complexity from conventional presentations and start to think simple. Thinking simple allows you to connect with your audience easier and you get your ideas across quicker.

Breaking rules

Breaking all rules that conventional presentation has thought you. Bullet points are not options. No where will you see a single bullet point in the recommended visuals presented in these books. It's amazing how clear your message will be, without bullet points.

Inspiring visuals

The use of images in presentations set a youthful perspective in how we make delivery inspiring and exciting. Every other page in these books are presented with inspiring full color images and slide examples that tells a story. Visually fun coupled with interesting reading.

Reference at your fingertips

Designed to be compact and convenient to carry around with you so that you can refer to it anytime you want. And because there are no chapters to follow, it doesn't matter where you start or stop. You have full control on how you like to experience it.

Integrated bookmark

A simple and clever idea. The extended front and back cover of the book is your bookmark. No more ugly dog ears and never again forget where you last stopped.