Our Regional Team

Our dynamic regional team, we like to call them SPY Agents, located in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, specialises in bringing the Amazing Sticky Presentations series of training workshops to individuals and organisations in their respective countries.

Ang Tian Teck (Chief S.P.Y.)
Ang Tian Teck
Chief S.P.Y.

The Real SPY

James Ho (Marketing S.P.Y. (Malaysia))
James Ho
Marketing S.P.Y. (Malaysia)

SPY Wannabe

Sherry Luck (Marketing S.P.Y. (Thailand))
Sherry Luck
Marketing S.P.Y. (Thailand)

SPY Ready

Aki N (Shadow S.P.Y.)
Aki N
Shadow S.P.Y.

SPY Everywhere

Call/WhatsApp +65.9680.4313 or Email aki@stickyspy.com

for a discussion at your convenience