Sticky SPY

Sticky SPY specialises in visual communication, slide design, and presentations. Our services include corporate training, coaching, design, and consulting.

The company was founded in 2008 by Ang Tian Teck to help individuals and organisations create inspiring presentations. More than 15,000 individuals in over 250 organisations have attended training and speaking sessions conducted by Sticky SPY.

Make it Sticky!

At Sticky SPY, we believe that visual design should be simple to be effective in communicating the message. Design should be clean so that there is focus and persuasiveness. Design should be spacious so that the vision is youthful and clear.

Every communication that sticks needs to tell a story. A sticky story told through the design of your communications. The effectiveness of your communication design will determine how well the story sticks.

It's all about stickiness. A sticky design needs to be part of the thinking process from the very beginning. They should not be a chunk of text decorated with colors and graphics. Each and every element—words, images, colors—needs to be carefully thought through before they are included in your communications. They need to tell a sticky story.

At the end of the day, what really matters is how much of what your customers see, hear, and read are remembered. How much of your communication is sticky to the minds of your customers?

Your corporate communication design is a component of your corporate strategy. So, make it Sticky!


The Sticky SPY logo represents a detective, an agent, a spy—a sticky spy. Someone that you can't see, but you know he is always around gathering intelligence. Learning and understanding your business as well as your competitors. He is very sticky and everything he touches will be sticky.

His mission is simple and focus with a very clear and youthful objective—to be persuasive. He doesn't say much, but when he decides to communicate, he tells a sticky story. A story that inspires you to begin a journey of simple ideas creating lasting impressions.

2008 - 2019

Previous Logo

These were the previous versions of our brand signature and logo. We decided to retire this 10 years old logo and give it a refresh look. The new 2020 Sticky SPY brand signature and logo are vibrant and more dynamic.


Company Registration: 201204108W