Sticky Presentations

A uniquely different approach to presentation design and delivery

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"Finally! A long-awaited, simple book (or is it really a book?) that distills the key ingredients of successful communication in words, pictures and concepts that are applicable and impactful, remain ingrained in your mind as you review and refine your personal communication style. Absolutely love the layout, concept and apparent lack of structure. I recommend reading it over ... and over ... and over ... ... again."

Koh Jin Kiat

Director, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, SINGAPORE

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A journey of simple ideas

This book introduces an exciting approach for developing Amazing Sticky Presentations®—effective presentation methods that will leave lasting impressions. This is where you begin your journey looking at presentation visuals without the use of bullet points, and why you should think differently to deliver insanely great presentations.

Understanding core concepts

Building a good foundation is impoartant in designing content for presentation. This book provides you with the core concepts to help you build impact in your business presentations. Starting with S.P.Y. and moving on to the Presentation Design Planning Framework, it inspires you to look at presentation design differently and from a new perspective.

Ideas for presenting numbers and more

Complexity in numbers can sometimes drive us crazy when we need to present them. Making them simpler is a must to effectively communicate numbers data. Examples illustrated in this book will help you get started in presenting numbers and other types of numbers related data.

Pictures and stories

A picture is worth a thousand words. Pages and pages of pictures that will inspire you to think of a story for your presentation. People remember stories better than data. Wrap a story around your data and your presentation will be memorable, youthful, and exciting.

About the Author

Ang Tian Teck is a much sought after trainer and consultant in Presentation Design. His flagship “Amazing Sticky Presentations” workshops cater to corporate executives who have critical messages to deliver to clients, their senior management or business partners. This unique concept was created from his experience and expertise as a designer and marketer to meet the needs of today’s fast paced and impatient world.

Tian Teck is founder and owner of Sticky SPY, a presentation design business whose clients include both local SMEs and multinational organisations. Prior to this, he held positions at Apple, MediaRing, and ModusLink. Today, he lives in Singapore where he continues to infect individuals and corporations with his proven simple, persuasive and youthful approach toward presentations.