Spinning I.D.E.A.S.

Integrated Design Exploration for Applied Stickiness

"Spinning I.D.E.A.S. is an amazing book building on the foundation of Sticky Presentations. At a time where executives and audiences are seeking authentic, effective, clear and simple messages, Tian Teck lays out a unique and simple way for high impact and effective storytelling presentations. Pure simplicity and a visual delight at its best to get anyone captivating their audience."

Barathan Pasupathi

Chief Executive Officer, Jetstar Asia, SINGAPORE

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Keep Spinning...

The integration of the S.P.Y. concept with principles of visual design creates a new era where data becomes more valuable when it is a part of the overall design. This book inspires you to explore your visual communication by spinning new ideas, mixing data with design to achieve the ultimate business presentation visuals that are amazingly exciting and effective.

Design ideas for applied stickiness

Building upon the S.P.Y. concept, the design ideas in this book illustrate practical applications in everyday presentations and visual communication, allowing you to build confidence through understanding your content, your audience, and yourself. Stickiness at a different level.

Over 100 pages of exciting visual designs that can be applied to various types of presentation

More than 450 visual design ideas in over 100 pages, all printed in full colour for you to explore and adapt to your own presentations. Spinning through all the ideas in this book will be a fulfilling experience that you will always want to come back again for more.

Every page spins new inspiring ideas

Images, text, numbers, charts, diagrams—every element spins new ideas every time you revisit them. The possibilities are endless and that's why this book is so amazingly exciting. The ideas spin beyond what you see and will inspire you to imagine a world full of possibilities.

About the Author

Ang Tian Teck is the author of Sticky Presentations books, trainer, and corporate coach in Visual Communication Design. His flagship “Amazing Sticky Presentations” workshops cater to executives who have critical messages to deliver to clients, their senior management or business partners. This unique concept was created from his experience and expertise as a visual communication designer and marketer to meet the needs of today’s fast paced and impatient world.

Tian Teck is also founder and owner of Sticky SPY and S.P.Y. Academy, whose regional clients include government, SMEs and multinational organisations. Prior to this, he held positions in Apple, MediaRing, and ModusLink. Today, he lives in Singapore where he continues to infect individuals and organisations all across the region with his proven simple, persuasive and youthful approach towards presentations.