Course programme outline

MAGIC-i series of workshops are advanced technical modules on motion effects to continue your journey in the unique and exciting presentation approach of Amazing Sticky Presentations®. This workshop requires that participants be technically familiar with the capabilities of the presentation software that they are using. The workshop is conducted using a mixture of lecture, participation, experimentation, and practical hands-on excercises.

Sticky Presentations workshops are not about learning how to use PowerPoint software. These are concept driven workshops. Participants learn how to think out of the box to develop presentations that will deliver results through the use of new ideas and very focused messages derived from individual and organisation objectives. Although PowerPoint is often used in class for presentation projects, the learning objective focuses on the application of information and motion design, and not specifically to using the software itself.

Motion with S.P.Y.

An important lesson in the effects of motion and its applications. Sharing examples on how motion is being applied to various type of messages. Understanding motion application with a purpose in mind and how to S.P.Y. it for extra impact.

Motion Tools

Preparing and knowing the tools on hand and its purpose. Working on simple exercises with these tools to note its capabilities and limitations

Concept of Motion

Learning and understanding the basic building blocks for motion ideas.

  • Shortest and longest distance path
  • Crossing path
  • Object collision trailing and head-on
  • Splitting text objects
  • Speed and delay effects

Motion Planning & Storyboard

The process of planning and building a motion storyboard to ensure proper focus and impact. Learn to visualize motion applied to content elements, thinking via motion storyboard, and decision on motion direction.

Effects Layering

The precision of applied motion lies on how much thought one has put into each object movements. Layering allows arrangement and decision on the timing of animated objects. Learn the ideas behind layering and timing control, splitting and grouping layers of objects, and using bridging slides to bring life to static objects

Presenting Complexity

Combining various animation techniques to solve presentation of complex content making them simple and easy to follow.

Thinking Out of the Box and Breaking Rules

Learn techniques beyond the capabilities and tricking PowerPoint (and Keynote) to achieve desired results.


Learning by doing. Working on various hands-on animation exercises relating to work place scenarios.

  • Simple timeline.
  • Process flowchart.
  • Safe lifting training.
  • Why oranges.
  • The Breakfast Story
  • Agenda items.
  • Fruity chart.
  • Green production plan.
  • Finn's amazing journey.

The Extreme Challenge

Solving problems given by the trainer. This challenge requires the participants to work as a team to solve the given problem. Thinking out of the box, applying techniques and knowledge, improvise and improve, and doing the impossible.

  • The impossible clock.
  • Battery life limited
  • Jumping car chart
  • The runing man

Real-world Application

Applying motion techniques to workplace presentations.

  • Applying what you have learned
  • Rethinking on existing presentation
  • Deciding on objects to animate and why
  • Execute plan
  • Share with the class

Designing Self-Running Looping Presentations

Learn to build high impact animated slides that play automatically in a loop that can be used for presentation in kiosk mode or export to video.

Note: The MAGIC-i workshop series are designed to be 2 day training programmes. The outline shown above is a general guide to the complete programme. The actual workshop content and duration might vary depending on group size, industry focus, and organisation requirements.

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