Motion Adds Greater Impact in Communicating Ideas

Advanced Animation Ideas for High Impact Presentations

Motion effects done RIGHT! your presentation the next level.

Learn advanced animation techniques and ideas to further enhance your presentation with added focus and impact to your key messages.

Key Learning

The brief outline of the course content

  1. S.P.Y. animation ideas and concepts

    Learn unique animation ideas and concepts that will bring your presentation to the next level of Stickiness. These are special concepts and techniques developed by Sticky SPY that are not available outside this workshop.

  2. Fundamentals of layering, time, and motion control

    Learn the fundamentals of layering and how it affects the final animation sequence, the pratical application of time and delay control on animated objects, select transition effects that will link seamlessly from slide to slide, and other key touch points of tie all parts of the animation together.

  3. Core motion techniques and animation sequences

    Learn the basic types of motion techniques (shortest path, object collision, follow on, directional change, object zooming, etc.) and animation sequences (clock work, countdown timer, jumping off, move aside, the flip, etc.). Understand their reasons and know when to use them effectively.

  4. Designing animated business stories

    Learn to design animated business stories using the S.P.Y. Animation Story Framework. The framework is a step-by-step thought process to build and develop business stories with the consideration of layering and motion effects.

  5. Undocumented advanced animation techniques

    Learn undocumented animation techniques that will ensure an amazing eye-opening experience for your audience. These ideas and techniques will inspire you to develop and design your own techniques.

  6. Designing by examples

    Learn unique animation sequences by examples through instructor led class practice exercises.

    • The Breakfast Story I & II—animated slides concept
    • Finn's Amazing Journey—animated timeline
    • The Green Cars Production—animated pie chart
    • The Runner—cel animation technique
  7. Designing animated slides for exporting to video

    Learn to design animated sequences on slides that are able to be output to video files for used as promotional or training purposes.

** For detail outline and learning experience, please contact us. **

Part 3—ANIMATION IDEAS workshop is the advanced technical module workshop on motion effects. This workshop is the continuation of your journey in the unique and exciting presentation approach of Amazing Sticky Presentations. To fully benefit from this workshop, participants are to be technically familiar with the capabilities of the presentation software that they are using. This workshop is conducted using a mixture of lecture, participation, experimentation, and practical hands-on excercises.

Sticky Presentations workshops are not about learning how to use PowerPoint software. These are concept driven workshops. Participants learn how to think out of the box to develop presentations that will deliver results through the use of new ideas and very focused messages derived from individual and organisation objectives. Although PowerPoint is often used in class for presentation projects, the learning objective focuses on the application of information and visual design, and not specifically to using the software itself.

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