An Eye-opening Educational Experience

Engage us for a short eye-opening Amazing Sticky Presentations experience at your organisation. You will be amazed to see how your next presentation can be more effective and exciting.

Be introduced to the unique Sticky SPY concept to presentation design and see real world examples of Sticky Presentations that makes you want to get out there to create your presentations using the Sticky Presentations® approach.


The Amazing Sticky Presentations Talk is a short eye opening experience into the world of visual communication. Find out the secrets behind Sticky Presentations and all things that make lasting impressions out of a simple idea.

See Sticky Presentations in action and enjoy the stories that inspire you to start thinking differently on how you should next design your presentation or just any visual communication. Learn the key ingredients that makes presentation Sticky and see examples of business communication that use the Sticky Presentations approach to communicate quicker, increase information retention, get higher acceptance, and achieve better close rate.

No computer required. No creative skills required. No presentation skills required. Come with an open mind and be prepared to think differently.