Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
I really enjoyed the group discussion as well as the real examples and case studies shared in this workshop. It's refreshing and I am inspired to adapt it to my work. Wish we had more time to practice on our presentations. Overall, I loved the training. Thank you ka!
Chatkaew Chantarasap, Kantar Worldpanel THAILAND

I have created many presentation slide decks during my career. The recent workshop by Sticky Spy was an eye-opener on how I can capture the attention of my audience and at the same time drive home key messages that might otherwise be lost in a sea of distractions in the slides. Two thumbs up on the training!! For anyone who is serious in making an impact on their next presentation, this is a must attend session that will help open up options and possibilities on how your message can effectively be communicated across in a simple and easy to remember manner.

Sticky Presentations is a really good training course for making effective presentations. Since the training, I have seen noticeable improvements in our presentations. Usually a proposal presented to management will take several rounds of changes before it's approved. Lately proposals presented to management were approved in the first round of presentation. It saved management valuable time and makes decision making quicker. Sticky Presentations was also rated the number one training programme by the participants.
Khun Yupapan, Vice President - THAICOM THAILAND

The speaker has successfully maintained high interest among the participants throughout the workshop. It was not one of those typical powerpoint workshops many of us have been to. Here, I learnt many fun, creative and practical examples which I could implement IMMEDIATELY to improve my presentation slides.
Adelin Lim, Toastmaster SINGAPORE

Intersting, interactive, and an eye-opener on how to create exciting presentation slides using a different approach.
Christine Chuan, Business Analyst - Nestle MALAYSIA

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