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About Tian Teck

Ang Tian Teck is presentation coach and master trainer at Sticky SPY, a dynamic individual who has helped companies make a difference in their visual communications and presentations. He has coached many individuals and organisations to communicate confidently, get noticed, and attract opportunities through high-impact presentations.

Tian Teck has more than 20 years of extensive experience in marketing, IT, and communication design, and he has developed a concept that significantly enhances today’s presentation methods. His Amazing Sticky Presentations® approach has benefited many clients in delivering a uniquely different experience to their audiences.

Tian Teck is also the founder and owner of Sticky SPY, a presentation design business whose clients include both local SMEs and multinational organisations. He travelled extensively between Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand to conduct his Amazing Sticky Presentations® workshops. Since the pandemic, Tian Teck has redesigned his workshops for virtual delivery over Zoom (and other virtual meeting platforms).

Tian Teck authored two books — Sticky Presentations, a uniquely different experience in presentation design and delivery, and Spinning I.D.E.A.S., exciting visual design ideas for business presentations. His books are sold online in digital format and in bookstores in Singapore and Thailand. Recently he relaunched his first book on Amazon Kindle and received #1 Amazon Bestseller in the first week of the launch.

Why Sticky Presentations?

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I Teach Visual Impact

Immediate Measurable Results

Bosses Love It, Always!

Importance of Visual Impact

The 1st Minute Defines Brand Value

Build Confidence through Stage Time

Analyse Information to Simplify Complexity

Connecting Keywords into Diagrams

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