Spinning I.D.E.A.S.

Infographics + advanced Visual Design for communication & presentations

This unique training workshop focuses on the finer expect of visual design and infographics for communication & presentations

Key Learning

The brief outline of the course content

  1. Spinning IDEAS

    Developing ideas from a blank page and learning how to extend the powerful S.P.Y. concept to spin new ideas to create professional designed visuals.

  2. S.P.Y. inspired Infographics, slide design, and concepts

    Learn to use Infographics to represent data on presentation slides, exploring the new S.P.Y. concepts and slide design ideas to build impact on every slide. Create Infographics data story from event timelines, data visualisation, to data comparisons, flowcharting, how to processes, anatomy, mapping, etc.

  3. Create design perfect slides

    Learn the principles and elements of visual design (color harmony, object balance, usages of white space, achieving unity, consistency and variety) to add the fine touch to your visuals giving them a professional look.

  4. Designing data driven visuals

    Learn to break up complex data into chunks of key information and display them in formats that are simple, focused and easy to understand for presentation slides.

  5. Visual Data Display Dashboard

    Learn to design Visual Data Display Dashboards with the use of Infographics elements together with key data to show multiple data categories on a single slide.

  6. Building custom Infographic elements

    Without the use of special softwares, learn to build custom Infographics elements from shape objects using only PowerPoint (or Keynote) alone. Learn to control select powerful creation tools to enable you to create and modify any graphic objects in PowerPoint (or Keynote).

  7. Designing with corporate brands and templates

    Working with constrains of the corporate brand, learn how to applying Stickiness to corporate templates by keeping the general rules of corporate brand identity, making use of blocking and avoiding techniques, and utilising available real estate of the visuals for impact creation.

  8. Industry best practices and eye-opening case examples

    Learn design and Infographics applications from real world examples. Showcase and discussion on visual ideas from selected industry and business focus.

** For detail outline and learning experience, please contact us. **

Part 2—INFOGRAPHICS & DESIGN workshop is the key to professionally designed visuals for presentations (and other visual communication medium). This workshop builds upon the S.P.Y. concept extending into the principles of design, creative visuals, and Infographics. The teaching methodology includes lecture, participation, experimentation, presentation, and group work. Participants will be working on their laptop computer for the class projects.

Sticky Presentations workshops are not about learning how to use PowerPoint software. These are concept driven workshops. Participants learn how to think out of the box to develop presentations that will deliver results through the use of new ideas and very focused messages derived from individual and organisation objectives. Although PowerPoint is often used in class for presentation projects, the learning objective focuses on the application of information and visual design, and not specifically to using the software itself.

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