Course programme outline

Apple's Keynote presentation software is one of the best presentation tool available on the Macintosh and iPad. It is simple yet powerful without the excessive features that clutter your thoughts. This workshop brings out the best of Keynote. Using the simplest features to create insanely great presentation is one of the highlight of this workshop.

Participants will learn a very unique and different approach of creating high impact presentations and learn advanced motion techniques possible only on Keynote to create smooth and seamless animations. Be prepared to have fun and be amazed with yourself on what you can achieve with Keynote.

This training workshop requires you to bring to class a MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro computer (or iPad) with Keynote software installed. Please also update your macOS or iOS and Keynote software to the latest version.


A quick introduction activity to see how much each of you know about Keynote.

  • Ice-breaker activity
  • Show me what you've got
  • Tell everyone something exciting


Using the unique S.P.Y. for creating your Keynote presentations.

  • A different approach to how presentation should be created
  • Understaning and using S.P.Y. to make visuals Sticky

Keynote basics

Things you need to know about Keynote software.

  • Important Tools
  • Transitions and builds
  • Background and options
  • Starting with blanks
  • Charts and Tables
  • Switching templates

Text motion

Ways to manipulate text information and making it exciting on Keynote.

  • Text effects
  • Character builds
  • Using graphic text
  • Title text limitations

Image techniques

Learn all special ways to make an image looks great in your presentation.

  • Framing for impact
  • Creating interest
  • Masking
  • Using grids

Transitions & Animation

Learn to use Keynote animation effects in different and exciting ways beyond what you already know.

  • Selecting proper transitions
  • Using seleted transitions and animation effects effectively
  • Animate for a purpose
  • Seamless effects with complex animation


Learn how Keynote handles builds and use it to your advantage.

  • Build In and Build Out
  • Effects & directions
  • Controlling time, durations and delays
  • Layering builds for proper sequence
  • Motion on path

The Magic Move

This is the best thing in Keynote. Learn how to use it effectively for building presentations that are out of this world.

  • Designing moves
  • Sizing and transparencies
  • Hiding objects
  • Creating focus
  • Advanced examples

Class Project

Exciting class project activity to apply all your learning into building a high impact presentation using Keynote.

  • A story with Keynote
  • Review

Preparing for Presentation

The final preparation before your presentation.

  • Keynote setup
  • Controlling Keynote with iOS devices
  • Projecting to large screen
  • Creating self-running presentations and videos

Import and Export

Converting your presentations in and out of Keynote for sharing purposes.

  • Sharing your presentation
  • Exporting to a video file

Note: The on.Keynote training workshop is a 1 day standard programme or a 2 days extended programme. The outline shown above is a guide to the complete programme. The actual workshop content might vary depending on group size and industry focus.

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