be a S.P.Y.

Entry into the journey
of Amazing Sticky Presentations

This is a uniqe interactive workshop that educates, motivates and inspires you to think creatively turning ideas into lasting impressions

Learn core concepts, planning framework, and key techniques needed to develop presentations that turn ideas into lasting impressions

Key Learning

The brief outline of the course content

  1. S.P.Y. Visual Concepts

    Understanding the unique S.P.Y. concept and its applications. Learn how this powerful concept is being applied to various type of messages for visual communication. Understanding the importance of making every slide Sticky and how Stickiness can better engage the audience.

  2. Slide Content Design for Texts, Numbers, Charts, Images

    Learn ways of making presentation content simpler and exciting by reducing complexity. Understanding the principles of sizing and colours when applying to presentation slides. Developing the sense of contrast and focus to ensure the message is clear and trying out simple story telling techniques presenting with images.

  3. Presentation Design Planning (PDP) Framework

    The powerful framework process featuring storyboard and story structure planning for effective slides development. From objective setting to visual planning to designing the actual presentation slides to final delivery.

  4. Presentation Delivery Role-play

    Practice presenting slides developed in class using the PDP-Framework and receive feedback and design enhancements advice from the coach.

  5. The 4 Degrees of Stickiness

    A flexible approach to balance workplace information complexity with the simplicity of the S.P.Y. approach and to ensure a comfort level for all presenters.

  6. Rule of Thirds positioning

    Learn to position objects using the Rule of Thirds and see how subtle adjustments can make a big difference in the final composition of the presentation slide.

  7. Simple Animation & Transitions

    Add impact using simple motion techniques. Learn what transitions to use to ensure effectiveness of presentation slides. Take away simple tips to get started in the right direction in using animation and transitions.

  8. Visual Design fundamentals

    Understand design considerations when working with objects and images in the presentation software. Take away tips and techniques for better visual design. Practice building Sticky slides with PowerPoint (or Keynote) software get to learn exciting ways of building unique content for the slide.

  9. Real Industry Examples & Best Practices

    See actual examples on how other organisations are using the S.P.Y. approach to create stunning and amazingly Sticky presentation slides.

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Part 1—CORE CONCEPTS workshop is the entry into the unique and exciting presentation approach of Amazing Sticky Presentations. This workshop is conducted using a mixture of lecture, participation, experimentation, presentation, and group work. Participants are encourage to leave behind all constrains and restrictions that they believed they might have and think-out-of-the-box to achieve the objectives of these workshops.

Sticky Presentations workshops are not about learning how to use PowerPoint software. These are concept driven workshops. Participants learn how to think out of the box to develop presentations that will deliver results through the use of new ideas and very focused messages derived from individual and organisation objectives. Although PowerPoint is often used in class for presentation projects, the learning objective focuses on the application of information and visual design, and not specifically to using the software itself.

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