Content Focused Approach

learn to focus on the 6 key areas of presentation content design

Concept. from SPY to Sticky

The Sticky SPY concept is the key to creating Amazing Sticky Presentations. Participants will be introduced to this unique and powerful concept in a lively discussion.

Text. slides without Bullets

How would you release yourself from being trapped by the bullet styles of conventional presentations? Learn how to create powerful messages with less text and without bullets.

Numbers. bringing Numbers to Life

Not an easy task! There is always too much to display on one slide. Learn how to present tables and charts effectively, giving clarity to your numbers.

Images. a Picture is worth a Thousand Words

Exploring a variety of methods in presenting images with your slides. You will learn to adjust and enhance images appropriately for an effective presentation.

Positioning. the Rule of Thirds

The secret between having good slides and having great slides. The art of correctly positioning objects on your slides is another key technique that will make a difference in your presentations.

Transitions. magical Effects

Make your slides come alive with carefully selected transitions and tranformational effects. It's this magical touch that makes your presentation sync smoothly with your story.

Presentation Design Planning Framework

from concept to design to high-impact delivery
  • 1
  • Objectives

    Direction setting activity to ensure focus and clarity of intend and results in the presentation design and development.

  • 2
  • Content

    A brainstorming and information gathering activity to identify relavant content that will meet the objecives of the presentation.

  • 3
  • Storyboard

    A visual planning and sequencing process to develop new ideas that will test the completeness of the final presentation.

  • 4
  • Visual Design

    The actual design process to build the final visuals for the presentation delivery.

  • 5
  • Delivery

    Practice presenting to build confident and impact using the created visuals.

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