Sticky Presentations bite size article: Presenting uptrend data

Presenting uptrend data

Mar 16, 2017

A common method of showing trend data is to use a line chart to represent the data visually. A line chart can clearly show the direction of trends. The lines that go upward are trending up and lines that go downward are trending down. To make trend data visually more interesting we can use the 'Growing Numbers' method instead of a plain line chart.

This growing numbers method is mostly suitable for data of a single up trend. It is not suitable if you want to show multiple data trends.

Identify 3 to 4 key numbers that clearly show a trending up movement. Position them from bottom left of your slide towards the upper right as shown in the example below (Fig.1). Gradually increase the font size of the number as the value of the number increases.

Fig.1 A slide showing uptrend data using 'Growing Numbers' method for visual impact.

For added emphasis, we show an uptrend arrow alongside the numbers. You can search for the uptrend arrow from images available on the Internet or draw it yourself. Here is a short video showing how you can draw the uptrend arrow in PowerPoint.

When needed, we can also include an image that will communicate the intent of the slide. This will give the overall appearance of the slide added impact.

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