Sticky Presentations bite size article: Timeline Alive Part 2

Timeline Alive Part 2

Nov 28, 2015

In part 1 of this story we looked at one of the many ways to present complex timeline information in a simple focused approach, and I showed a video on how this can be executed in PowerPoint. In part 2 of this story we will continue adding on to the video with actual dates for the timeline.

If you had followed the video in part 1, you will realised that it is not too difficult to create this in PowerPoint. If you are using Keynote, the procedure is quite the same. You might have already figured out how to build the remaining parts of the slides adding specific date markers. But if you have not, here is the video to help you do that.

Try this out either on PowerPoint or Keynote or any presentation software of your choice.

Hope you had fun building your timeline slides. This is not the only way to present complex timeline. We shall look into other methods in future stories.

The author, ANG Tian Teck is a coach, trainer, and speaker, specialising in inspiring organisations and business leaders to deliver high impact presentations. He has coached, trained, and infected over 10,000 individuals across the region with his Amazing Sticky Presentations approach. Tian Teck is also the author of two books, Sticky Presentations, and Spinning I.D.E.A.S.

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