Sticky Presentations bite size article: Images in slides

Images in slides

Aug 26, 2015

Using images in presentation slides is one way to engage your audience and make your presentation exciting. However, a badly selected or sloppy image often has negative effects on the presentation. Selecting the right image and placing it correctly is important to ensure that what you are showing is meaningful and that it illustrates the idea that you intend to communicate.

Here are a few suggestions when choosing and placing images in your presentations.

  1. Always choose a high resolution image. A high resolution image is sharp, scales well, and looks professional.
Not recommended. Lowres slide example
Preferred. Highres slide example
  1. Use a simple image that will illustrate clearly the idea that you want to communicate. A simple image is more focused and easy on the eyes. A busy image is likely to be complicated and difficult to look at.
Not recommended. Example of simple image
Preferred. Example of a complex image
  1. If you intend to add text to your image, choose an image that has a clean area where you can easily put text on it.
Not recommended. Example of an image with no space for text
Preferred. Example of an image with space for text
  1. Do not use cartoon like images or badly illustrated clip art especially in business presentations, unless you have valid reasons to use it. Instead, use a professionally illustrated image or photograph.
Not recommended. Example of a childish image
Preferred. Example of a business image
  1. When necessary, add a simple border (or frame) with a slight shadow to your image to have it stand out against the slide background.
Not recommended. Example of an image without frame
Preferred. Example of an image with frame

Nobody likes to look at crappy slides. Proper placement and treatment of imported images will ensure that your presentation slides look professional and business like.

The author, ANG Tian Teck is a coach, trainer, and speaker, specialising in inspiring organisations and business leaders to deliver high impact presentations. He has coached, trained, and infected over 10,000 individuals across the region with his Amazing Sticky Presentations approach. Tian Teck is also the author of two books, Sticky Presentations, and Spinning I.D.E.A.S.

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