Sticky Presentations bite size article: Line Art Illustrations

Line Art Illustrations

Jun 01, 2013

A photographed image shows too much detail and sometimes might not be quite suitable for the intended presentation. Using line art in presentation slides is another approach to designing effective visuals. Line art illustrations create clean and simple look in the slide design and allow your audience to focus on the message.

You can easily create line art illustration using the drawing tools provided by your favorite presentation software. To keep it clean, use only a single colour for your line art illustration. Apply color contrast technique for your slide background so that the line art illustration and your text message are clear.

Here are a few examples of presentation slides that made use of line art illustration.

Here are some examples of slides using line illustrations

Creating line art illustrations require some practice and patience. Spend some time getting used to the drawing tools in PowerPoint (or Keynote) and you should be on your way creating great line art illustrations for your presentation slides.

The author, ANG Tian Teck is a coach, trainer, and speaker, specialising in inspiring organisations and business leaders to deliver high impact presentations. He has coached, trained, and infected over 10,000 individuals across the region with his Amazing Sticky Presentations approach. Tian Teck is also the author of two books, Sticky Presentations, and Spinning I.D.E.A.S.

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