Turning Ideas into Lasting Impressions

(A Sticky Presentations be a SPY experience)

Mon, 26 - 27 Oct 2020 Anywhere Instructor-led Online Workshop
Another amazing workshop conducted by S.P.Y. Academy

A core concepts and design ideas workshop designed to bring clarity to your presentation content

What will you learn?

In this workshop you will learn:

  1. S.P.Y. inspired core concepts and Sticky visual ideas

    Understanding the core concepts and fundamentals of visual communication design and learning what makes an impact in presentation slides content. Participate in the in-depth discussion to build upon new ideas that makes communication Sticky.

  2. Slide content design for Texts, Numbers, Charts, & Images

    These are key elements that directly represent content for visual communication. Learn how to create focus to direct viewers' attention to specific areas by manipulating attributes of these content elements. Apply building blocks of design ideas of various elements to ensure simple representation of complex content.

    Learn ways to break away from bullet-point texts, present financial number and bringing key numbers to life, quick storytell with images, and building exciting charts.

  3. Rule of Thirds positioning technique

    Understanding and applying this interesting subject positioning photographers' technique to presentation slides.

  4. Designing the Perfect Slide

    A fun breakout activity to practice designing the Perfect Slide using the knowledge learnt so far.

  5. Presentation Design & Planning Framework

    The visual framework featuring storyboard development and story structure planning. This structured framework is the key to designing high-impact objective-based result orientated presentations.

  6. Getting from complex to simple

    How to break up complex information and present them in simple, effective, and exciting ways. Includes 2 breakout activities to practice the concepts learned.

  7. The 4 Degrees of Stickiness

    A slide content development decision mapping tool to develop slide content based on target audience and presenter’s comfort zone. This is the tool that you help the presenter decide on a balance between developing exciting slides and structured slides required by some organisations.

  8. Visual design fundamentals

    Tips and techniques to enhance visual appearance of overall slides, with examples and hands-on on select techniques—combining shapes to build graphic elements, image enhancements, creating a manual pie chart, modifying shapes for uptrend arrow, etc..

  9. Best practices from various industries

    A showcase of examples (the before and after) from the industry with a case study of each example.

  10. Adjustments for presenting to an online audience

    Be aware of the dos and don'ts when designing slides for online presentations. Making subtle changes to ensure better a better audience experience.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  1. Be inspired to design better presentation slides and be a better presenter;
  2. Be more confident when you present knowing that the right content is crafted into your presentation slides;
  3. Be able to create visually exciting presentation that will keep your audience engaged;
  4. Have the ability to look at presentation content from a new perspective to visually plan and develop result oriented slides for any presentation;
  5. See how others in the industry are also using S.P.Y. to achieve clarity in their presentations.

Group work: Thinking, planning, role play

Results: High impact slides on PowerPoint and Keynote

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