Designing Slides for Online Presentations

(A Sticky Presentations be a SPY experience)

Wed, 29 Jul 2020 Anywhere Instructor-led Online Workshop
Another amazing workshop conducted by S.P.Y. Academy

A core concepts workshop focused on ideas designed to bring clarity in your slide content that you use for online presentations

What will you learn?

In this workshop you will learn:

  1. S.P.Y. inspired core concepts and Sticky visual ideas. Understanding core concepts for visual designs and learning the fundamentals of what makes an impact in presentation slides content.
  2. Content design for Texts, Numbers, Charts, & Images. Working with various content types for developing slides that are suitable for online presentations. Making content simpler for online consumption.
  3. Engaging the audience during online presentation sessions. Learning through discussion and role play to understand better the ways to engage the audience, and identifying visual and audio queues of the audience.
  4. Online presentations' slide formats. Understanding the various slide formats and how to use them effectively for online presentations. Short practice exercise in preparation, switching, and maximising formats for various purposes.
  5. Designing the Perfect Slide. Quick hands-on and fun exercise to develop the perfect slide for presenting online.
  6. Tricks to using videos and animations. How to make animations, transitions, and videos play better when presenting online.
  7. Setting up for an online presentation. Basic and advanced setups. How to look good, internal vs external camera/mic, lighting considerations, using multiple computers with a video switcher, green screen, addition software tools to enhance the viewers' experience, etc..
  8. Dos and don'ts when designing slides for online presentations. A recap of the many dos and don't that will impact online presentations.
  9. Design ideas for online presentations. Building slides using design ideas layout optimised for online presentations. Hands-on exercise to use the layout.
  10. Best practices observed from various industries. Learning from real examples and application on to real slide content.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  1. Be inspired to design better presentation slides and be a better online presenter;
  2. Be more confident when you present knowing that the right content is crafted into your presentation slides;
  3. Be able to create visually exciting presentation that will keep your online audience engaged;
  4. Be able to develop and design exciting slides for presenting online.

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