"Finally! A long-awaited, simple book (or is it really a book?) that distills the key ingredients of successful communication in words, pictures and concepts that are applicable and impactful, remain ingrained in your mind as you review and refine your personal communication style. Absolutely love the layout, concept and apparent lack of structure. I recommend reading it over ... and over ... and over ... ... again."

Koh Jin Kiat

Director, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, SINGAPORE

Doreen Tan, Learning & Development Practitioner SINGAPORE  
This book totally blew my mind away when I first read it. Sticky Presentations has transformed the way I design and formulate my presentation and training slides. From the traditional bullet points, typical graph charts, to a more visually impactful style. The ideas in the book have empowered me to present and train more effectively. Love it!
Doreen Tan , Learning & Development Practitioner
Sandy Goh, Managing Director - Medaid Solutions SINGAPORE  
Presentations made as easy as 1-2-3. This is what this book is. Easy to read, easy to understand high impact presentation visuals... EASY!
Sandy Goh , Managing Director - Medaid Solutions
Kanchanaphan Poonudom THAILAND  
This book inspires me to do new things.
Kanchanaphan Poonudom
Johnson Lee, Director - MarketAsia Distributors SINGAPORE  
I must say that this book is a very unique book and I have not seen a similar book written. It takes creativity and presentation design to a new height.
Johnson Lee , Director - MarketAsia Distributors
Ng Chang Shiang, Illustrator SINGAPORE  
The content of this book is uniquely simple and creative, refreshing and 'juicy'. It is amazing and has inspired me to look at presentation differently.
Ng Chang Shiang , Illustrator
Poon Kai Chong, Manager - UOB Bank MALAYSIA  
'It is the Presentation!' That was my reply when I was asked how the bosses were convinced with my 10-slide Budget 2014 review. Simple and focused visuals do tell a thousand words. Tian Teck made it so simple to follow with his book, helping me bring life to my PowerPoint presentations.
Poon Kai Chong , Manager - UOB Bank
Thongchai Rojkangsadan, Lecturer - Chulalongkorn University THAILAND  
Excellent! book. Sticky Presentations is one of the best presentation book I have ever read. It is easy to understand and fun to read. I learn about presentation design enormously from this book and I hope that everyone who read this book will feel the same.
Thongchai Rojkangsadan , Lecturer - Chulalongkorn University
Jeerapat Techakunchaiyanunt THAILAND  
The content of this book is easy to understand and it is a beautiful book...
Jeerapat Techakunchaiyanunt
Raymond Chua, HR Director - Philips Lumileds SINGAPORE  
This book presents fabulous creative ideas that will help you to do a paradigm shift in connecting-the-dots with the audience.
Raymond Chua , HR Director - Philips Lumileds
Vivien Hoe, Director of Sales SINGAPORE  
Simple, eye catching and direct to the point. I like the presentation format shown in the book.
Vivien Hoe , Director of Sales