Bite story preview images of 009-Colour, Contrast, and Size
009-Colour, Contrast, and Size

Developing effective presentation slides can be quite challenging when time is a constrain. This is true when we need to research for images to include in our presentation slides. To save time, we can use colour contrast and differing font styles to create impact on our presentation slides without u ...

Bite story preview images of 008-Growing Numbers
008-Growing Numbers

Presenting numbers can be quite challenging at times. We always resort to copying and pasting data from a spreadsheet onto PowerPoint slides. There are alternatives to the boring spreadsheet if we take a little effort to analyse what key numbers should appear on our presentation slides. Again, the b ...

Bite story preview images of 007-Focus on Titles
007-Focus on Titles

Slide titles don't always have to be at the top of the slide. Our slides can be made more interesting if we reposition slide titles differently. A common alternative is to position them in the center or at the bottom of the slide. Sometimes we might want to position it at an angle?a technique that w ...

Bite story preview images of 006-Make labels exciting
006-Make labels exciting

Nothing is worse than not being able to see text on presentation slides and wondering what the presenter is referring to. This is especially true in busy slides with labels trying to describe parts of a picture or a diagram. Information on every corner of the presentation slide seems to be fighting ...

Bite story preview images of 005-Highlight to create focus
005-Highlight to create focus

Highlighting key information in presentation visuals are important as it guides the audience to focus on a specific area or content during your presentation delivery. This eliminates the need for your audience to search for information that is buried amoung the sea of other information that you migh ...

Bite story preview images of 004-Five degree impact
004-Five degree impact

Do you sometimes have the feeling that certain visuals that you see seem to look better then the others? But you can't really figure out why are they better or more exciting visually. Could it be the way the words are positioned? Could it be the way the images are positioned? ...

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