Bite story preview images of 017-Shapes to Objects
017-Shapes to Objects

Do you know that you can combine shapes in PowerPoint (or Keynote) to build interesting objects to enhance your presentation visuals? Don't under estimate the usefulness of these shapes. Circles, rectangles, lines, and other shapes in your presentation software have the ability to do wonders. ...

Bite story preview images of 016-Living on the EDGE
016-Living on the EDGE

Having images and text together on a single slide can sometimes be challenging. Both set of information (text and images) might be fighting for attention on that single slide. ...

Bite story preview images of 015-Black or White
015-Black or White

Is it better to use a black background or a white background in presentation slides? If you think back from the many presentations that you have created or attended, you will realised that most of us would generally use a white background on presentation slides. As I asked around, many responded wit ...

Bite story preview images of 014-The picture is Half Full
014-The picture is Half Full

A full picture is exciting as it shows clarity in the information it represents. If you have a high resolution image, always show it in full when possible. What happens if the image resolution of your picture is not high enough for you to show it in full? ...

Bite story preview images of 013-Saving a low-resolution image
013-Saving a low-resolution image

Have you ever had an image that you like but the resolution is so low that it's almost impossible to use it in your presentation slide? Not to worry. There is still hope. We can alter (or enhance) the image into a slightly different style thus hiding the flaws of the low-resolution effects. ...

Bite story preview images of 012-Five Degree Rotation
012-Five Degree Rotation

In the first part of the 5-degree rotation (titled 5 Degree Impact) we talked about rotating an image object to create a more exciting overall design for our presentation slides. Today we will use the same technique for the title / main message of our slides. ...

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