Bite story preview images of 028-Infographics LOVE or HATE
028-Infographics LOVE or HATE

The usage of infographics is gaining popularity in today's business world—mostly seen in posters, magazines, brochures, etc. and in presentation slides too. As we are representing information in a visual format in presentation slides, it is a form of infographics too. Love or hate depends on how w ...

Bite story preview images of 023-Amazing Sticky Christmas 2014
023-Amazing Sticky Christmas 2014

It's time again that we wind down to take a breather, taking stock of our footsteps as we look forward to the exciting new year.

When I first became Chief S.P.Y., I didn't know where I was going. I knew however, I wanted to build something meaningfully exciting and to do that I knew I nee ...

Bite story preview images of 022-Repetition with variety
022-Repetition with variety

Repetition in design is used to ensure some degree of consistency in the overall look and feel of visual elements. This can be in the use of colours, shapes, fonts, positioning, etc. This technique can also be applied when designing for presentation slides. For example, having consistent colours and ...

Bite story preview images of 020-Contrast, Fonts, Shapes, and Icons
020-Contrast, Fonts, Shapes, and Icons

Wondering how to make your presentation slides exciting without resorting to images after images? Don't get me wrong! Using images can certainly create an impact in your presentation. But without it, you can use other elements of design to make your slides exciting. ...

Bite story preview images of 019-Fan your Keywords
019-Fan your Keywords

After analysing the complex content, you have decided what to keep and what to be removed. You then reduced the complex information further to a couple of keywords that are more focused and easier to understand. What's next? How can you present your keywords making them exciting? ...

Bite story preview images of 018-The RED BOX
018-The RED BOX

It is important to always lead our audience to focus on the key message in our presentation slide. This is easy if we only have one message per slide. In reality, most will have more than one message per slide making this a challenging task. ...

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