Turning Ideas into Magical Journeys

(A Sticky Presentations MAGIC-i experience)

Mon, 26 Mar 2018 Singapore Beach Road
Another amazing workshop conducted by S.P.Y. Academy

Registration for this workshop is CLOSED

The amazingly awsome animation workshop that fuel any presentation to a different level of awsomeness

What will you learn?

In this workshop, you will:

  1. S.P.Y. inspired animation concepts and object motion ideas for presentations;
  2. Fundamentals of layers, time, and motion control;
  3. Core motion techniques—shortest path, crossing path, split paths, object collision following, object collision head on, motion on path, object spin, and circular motion control;
  4. Animated Charts—build exciting animated charts (see video example below) that communicate data effectively for business presentations;
  5. Timer & Clocks—techniques to build timing tools suitable for training facilitation and other activity based presentation session;
  6. Timelines—techniques to build complex timelines (see video example below) that are visually exciting and easy to follow; useful for presenting event milestones, process flowchart, or organisation history;
  7. The Breakfast Story I & II animated slides concept—combining fundamental animation techniques in an exciting 6 slides deck;
  8. Imported Cars Pie—use of rotation technique to animate and expose a new segment of a pie chart;
  9. Finn's Amazing Journey—combination of various animation techniques to presenting a complex timeline journey involving texts, numbers, charts, and images;
  10. Jumping off the Chart—animation of data represented by a combination column and line charts in an uptrend movement showing positive result;

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  1. Wow! and engage your audience with an eye opening unexpected experience that will certainly create a buzz.
  2. Ability to effectively apply animation to presentation slides;
  3. Ability to develop new approaches for animating slide content by combining core animation concepts;
  4. Know how to trick PowerPoint to execute undocumented animated sequences;
  5. Have the knowledge of to design your own animation sequence for select slide content;
  6. Know how to explore and challenge yourself with new ideas for animation;
  7. Deliver more exciting and higher impact presentations.

Animated Presentations: Created entirely with PowerPoint/Keynote

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