Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Preparing presentations used to be about how many images and 'cool' animations (or transitions) that we can use for our slides. However, after attending Sticky Presentations workshop, I learnt that it is really about applying the right techniques to relay the message effectively. And sometimes, less is more.
Nadiah Md Shahjohan, Copywriter - Contact Hub Pte Ltd SINGAPORE

The MAGIC-i workshop was great. I learned many exciting techniques, making my presentation simpler and effective.
Azhar Sukerni, Executive Designer - NSTP MALAYSIA

I have created many presentation slide decks during my career. The recent workshop by Sticky Spy was an eye-opener on how I can capture the attention of my audience and at the same time drive home key messages that might otherwise be lost in a sea of distractions in the slides. Two thumbs up on the training!! For anyone who is serious in making an impact on their next presentation, this is a must attend session that will help open up options and possibilities on how your message can effectively be communicated across in a simple and easy to remember manner.

Sticky Presentations workshop have benefited me personally. It has equipped me with the skill to present information professionally with clarity and focus. I strongly recommend this workshop to any individual or organisation who really want to make a difference in their presentations.
Christine Lee, Senior Director - DHL Supply Chain SINGAPORE

Excellent workshop that kept me awake the entire session. The ideas shared helps me think in new ways of creating presentations.
Amritraj Singh, Risk Management Executive - Nestle MALAYSIA

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