Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Very engaging and fun. I enjoyed all the group exercises and exchanges of ideas which allow everyone to learn from each other. The storyboard approach thought was really good as it allows me be more focus on the whole presentation.
Athene Foo, Senior Tax Analyst - PSA International SINGAPORE

I used to think that there is only one way to do PowerPoint presentation until I saw Sticky Presentations in action. Sticky Presentations ideas present a different way to captivate your audience and take the boredom out of today's PowerPoint presentations. This has allowed me to connect with the people I am talking to in a more personal manner.
Paul Lim, Founder and President - Supply Chain Asia SINGAPORE

This workshop comes the Sticky Presentations book which is GREAT for reference. What I like about the workshop is that it presents lots of useful examples that are immediately applicable, especially the Planning & Design Framework taught. The awareness and importance of getting the KEY message to the audience is another a must for an effective communication.
Kim Teh, Training & Development Manager - Nestle MALAYSIA

This workshop is full of fun, joy, laughter, humour, and I gained presentation skills and knowledge. Big thank you :). Keep up the good job!
Catherine Lim, Assistant Manager - OCBC Bank MALAYSIA

Very useful workshop. Now I understand how to better develop an effective presentation. Love it :)
Urapa Faiupara, External Relations Executive - PTTEP THAILAND

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