Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky Presentations is an excellent course which teaches me how to create an effective presentation that is simple, easy to understanding and exciting.
Jolene Tan, Assistant Manager - OCBC Bank SINGAPORE

Positioning of pictures and text for maximum attention thought in this workshop was most useful for me. Overall the workshop encourages creativity in thinking and mapping out slide content systematically.
Jerry Leong, Group Operations Manager - PSA International SINGAPORE

I used to think that there is only one way to do PowerPoint presentation until I saw Sticky Presentations in action. Sticky Presentations ideas present a different way to captivate your audience and take the boredom out of today's PowerPoint presentations. This has allowed me to connect with the people I am talking to in a more personal manner.
Paul Lim, Founder and President - Supply Chain Asia SINGAPORE

Very useful workshop. Now I understand how to better develop an effective presentation. Love it :)
Urapa Faiupara, External Relations Executive - PTTEP THAILAND

Tian Teck delivered an impactful workshop in BASF recently to a pilot group comprising of employees from different functional and business areas together with a group of new management trainees. Sticky Presentations gave a whole new insight into what a powerful presentation should really be! It allows the presenter to reach out to the participants in a more innovative way, enabling the topic to be embedded into the audience with creative visuals that 'Sticks' into one's thoughts. Moving forward, presentation slides will no longer be the same again with Sticky Presentations!
C.F. Yeow, Head of Human Resources - BASF South East Asia SINGAPORE

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