Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Sticky SPY - Amazing Sticky Presentations
Very useful workshop. Now I understand how to better develop an effective presentation. Love it :)
Urapa Faiupara, External Relations Executive - PTTEP THAILAND

Preparing presentations used to be about how many images and 'cool' animations (or transitions) that we can use for our slides. However, after attending Sticky Presentations workshop, I learnt that it is really about applying the right techniques to relay the message effectively. And sometimes, less is more.
Nadiah Md Shahjohan, Copywriter - Contact Hub Pte Ltd SINGAPORE

I have created many presentation slide decks during my career. The recent workshop by Sticky Spy was an eye-opener on how I can capture the attention of my audience and at the same time drive home key messages that might otherwise be lost in a sea of distractions in the slides. Two thumbs up on the training!! For anyone who is serious in making an impact on their next presentation, this is a must attend session that will help open up options and possibilities on how your message can effectively be communicated across in a simple and easy to remember manner.

Excellent workshop that kept me awake the entire session. The ideas shared helps me think in new ways of creating presentations.
Amritraj Singh, Risk Management Executive - Nestle MALAYSIA

MAGIC-i was great learning. I never knew that we are able to move objects and text and make it exciting. Now I am able to increase the standard of my presentations.
Nursophia, Special Events Executive - Media Prima Radio Networks MALAYSIA

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